Where in the World is ORRC?

Ralph Brown

Ralph and Carol Brown in Mazatlan - on the beach, and while exploring a tequila making machine. January, 2012
ORRC Disney Marathon   ORRC Carlsbad

-Mrs. Chris Roemmich wore her hat while running the
Inaugural Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon.
She came in in the top 25 percent of the 12,000 racers too!
Valerie Pratt with Jane Jaramillo, Emily Hunt-Nelson and Lydia Mills after the Carlsbad, CA 1/2 marathon on Jan 22, 2012. 
Almost 9 miles of the run is alongside the ocean!
Where in the World is ORRC?
ORRC Hat at the Pasadena Rose Parade

Carole Reiley, Valerie Pratt and Susan Fugate
in The Tillamook Creamery VW on Friday the 13th, 2012.

Tracy Reisinger at the Pasadena Rose Parade. 01/01/2012. Fun times were had by all and the Ducks won!

Eddie Page 11/30/11 Gavins Point Dam, South Dakota Rappelling. Photo by Manny Williams

Kelly Barten 9/25/11
Astoria Column on Sunday,
my one year wedding anniversary!


Margie Palmrose-Mace 9/18/11
Erie Marathon on Presque Isle. The Erie Road Runners Club puts on this all volunteer marathon and they really staged a classy event! The course is as flat & fast as you can get, great views of Lake Erie and tree-lined roads that protect you from sun and breeze. My efforts won me 2nd in my age group (55-59) and I am wearing the ceramic finishers "metal" and my age group award - the time on the finish clock is not my time : ) P.S. Just by accident the photo also captured the guy in the background - he collapsed after crossing the finish line and was attended to by EMT support. Gosh!


Joe Dudman 9/24/11
Here I am in my ORRC running hat at the start (in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and the finish of the Fifth Avenue Mile in Manhattan on . I ran a 4:49 and finished 9th in the 45-49 age group.

Rex Surface ORRC

Rex Surface 10/30/11
ORRC, thanks for mailing my hat all the way to Istanbul, Turkey.  Here I am wearing it at the start of Avrasya Intercontinental Istanbul Marathon. It is the only marathon that starts in one Continent (Asia) and finishes in another (Europe).  I'm with my longtime running buddy Gary Chappel. We ran many New Years races together out at Forest Grove. 


Kerri Tyler 9/11/11 ORRC on Agate Beach in Newport (and on running dog, Indigo)

ORRC, 4840 SW Western Ave. #200, Beaverton, OR 97005 orrc@orrc.net