Age Group Standings, ORRC Events

Effective 2007

Annually, ORRC presents Age Group Awards to ORRC members who rank in the top six in each standard age grouping.

Age points are maintained by Russ Zornick (View your points). To find your points within a specific age group, use the Age Category tab.

If you find you are listed twice, please notify Russ. This may occur if you enter races with different names (i.e., Jim in one and James in another).

Rules of Engagement:

1) Be a current ORRC Member! (Points are only counted during your membership period.)

2) Enter at least three ORRC timed events*. Note that if you gain "overall" points in an
event, you will not get age division points in that same event.

3) VOLUNTEER in one of the following by year's end - You must volunteer-no substituting:

  • one event you DO NOT run or walk in, OR
  • two events that you DO participate in, OR
  • 4 hours at some ORRC activity

4) You get “age group” points for how you finish in your age group. 6 points for 1 st, 5 for 2 nd, 4 for 3 rd, etc .
5) Your age on January 1 determines your age group for the year. (Although points are awarded based on your age on the day of the event.)

6) If you are trying for Runner of the Year or Masters Runner of the Year, you also get “Overall” points for how you do overall in races ("Overall" means male and female--total points, masters, submasters, and ultra divisions.) There are “Overall Masters” points using the same format for runner/walkers over 40 years old. We figure that out at the end of the year.

*ORRC Events with Age Group Points:


ORRC, 4840 SW Western Ave. #200, Beaverton, OR 97005