Race and Workout Etiquette

As the training and racing season is upon us, we get a lot of people commenting about race etiquette and workout etiquette. We thought we’d list some of the basic rules of the road or rules of the track. Please be considerate of those around you so we can all enjoy the many different events this spring and summer.

  1. In any running/walking event, walkers, slower runners and strollers (when strollers are allowed), do not line up in the front at the start line. Please move back behind the faster runners so as not to impede anyone’s progress. This makes for a smoother, faster start for everyone and is safer for all.

  2. Do not run or walk more than two people abreast. This leaves room for other participants to pass safely and quickly if necessary.

  3. If you are stopping for walking breaks or at water stations, stay as far to the side (left or right) of the road as you can. This way runners and walkers who are not stopping have a safe and clear space to pass.
  4. If you need to be talking on your phone move to the far sides of the road, path or trail and get out of the way.  

  5. If you are passing someone either in a race or a workout, don’t be afraid to say “Runner/Walker on your left” if you need to pass. Don’t be rude about it, but polite. Nothing’s worse coming up behind someone and startling them, or not being able to get by when someone doesn’t realize you need to pass.

  6. If you are being passed please don’t get offended if someone says “Runner/Walker on your left or passing”. They’re just trying to let you know that they are there and would like to pass without causing any problems.

  7. When drinking at an aid station, look before you throw your cup away to make sure you are not throwing it in the path of another participant.

  8. When participating in a track workout, in general runners doing intervals/speed-work use the very inside lanes when in the middle of an interval and the outer lanes for the cool-down/recovery period. Runners who are not in the middle of a speed-work/interval session should use the middle lanes of the track. Walkers should use the outside lanes.

  9. When participating in a race, always put your race bib number on the front and never pin the “tear-off tag” to your shirt. The finish line volunteers need to be able to tear it off quickly and not have to “un-pin” the tag.

  10. If you are in a “chip-timed” event don’t forget to return the chip if necessary.

  11. If after the event, during the awards ceremony, you determine that the results are incorrect, please wait until after the awards to inform the race director or volunteers. They will be happy to assist you and correct what they can, but not in the middle of the awards presentations.

  12. Please always do what the volunteers tell you to do! They are there to help the event run smoothly and safely, and comply with permit requirements.

  13. Volunteers are a critical part of any event, without them your cost of participation would go up dramatically. Mistakes do happen, but you should discuss issues with the race director or event coordinator to address any issues or concerns. Yelling or not following instructions can get you disqualified from the event.

  14. Be sure to thank the volunteers before, during, and after the event.

  15. If you have constructive comments/suggestions to improve the event, email or write the race director after the event. They are always looking for feedback, but receiving it on the day of the event, they may not be able to write it down or remember it.

We all need to share the road/track out there and we want to all get along! Have a good time out there!

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